ISEN designs a personalized experience for students who want to learn the Spanish language by becoming fully immersed in its enriched culture while taking classes given by innovative teachers at state of the art facilities.


The beautiful city of Cartagena is an ideal destination for those who truly want to be immersed in the Spanish language and culture. It has all of the conveniences that a big city has to offer while being quaint, charming and easily navigable. Each corner, street and square of the city offers travelers monumental examples of its splendorous historical past, of the civilizations that arrived at its port and ended up settling here. 


The Language Department works with each individual student to set them up with the accomodation of their choice, spanish classes and leisure activities. 

Horas y fechas: 
Hours and dates


Official Course: 8 months of up to 6.5 hours of class per week + organized excursions + accomodation 


4 Week Intensive Course: Offered to begin the first Monday of every month. It consists of 4 weeks, 20 hours of class per week + organized excursions + acoomodation


8 Week Intensive Course: Offered bimonthly to begin in October, December, February, April and June. It consists of 8 weeks, 20 hours of class per week + organized excursions + accomodation 



Classes are offered for various levels:


Mornings from 9:00-13:00h 


Evenings from 16:00-20:00h.

  • one-on-one turtoring sessions with the teacher
  • Spanish Library
  • extra activities: cinema, local festivals, workshops, excursions, culinary tours, conversation partners, sport and much more
  • accomodation of choice with a Spanish family, individual or shared apartment, student halls/dorms 
  • 24 hr assistance with students individual needs or concerns 


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